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 Suggeston for San Andreas Network

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PostSubyek: Suggeston for San Andreas Network   Fri Jan 20, 2012 6:17 pm

*You are in San Andreas Network Building now.
*You walks to the San Andreas Public Information Board.
There is some papers sticks there.
*You eyes at a information there.

The Information Paper:

*You turns your body to the left, then walks to the San Andreas Network Member Office.
*You stops at a table.
You can see some books, some papers, some stationary, and Anthony Jeremy's nametag.
*You takes a paper from the many of the papers.
That is a Suggestion Form.
*You reads it.

The Suggestion Form:

*You steps toward the San Andreas Network Building main door.
*You puts your right hand on the door handle, pushes it, and steps outside.
*You release your right hand after you opened the door.

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Suggeston for San Andreas Network
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